The Goods on Gangnam

One of the topics for Korean lessons last week was 쇼핑하러 가요, let’s go shopping. I quite like shopping but things have changed in the pandemic and with no events or reason to browse, I guess we don’t shop like we used to. It’s smarter to be outside rather than in a mall these days too. Nonetheless, we still have to buy things don’t we? … Continue reading The Goods on Gangnam

Some Snapshots of the Han River

The Han River is vast. Over 300 miles long. It cuts right through Seoul and viewed from the top of one of Seoul’s mountains it’s incredible. Stroll across one of Seoul’s many bridges over the Han and you’ll soon feel its immense width, over a kilometre wide in some places. To take exercise across and along the river is a must do in Seoul. I … Continue reading Some Snapshots of the Han River

Spilling the tea at Insadong

The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose George Gissing Although I have four cups of coffee a day and adore cafe culture in Seoul (a post for another day), I also have a lot of time for tea. In Seoul, I like trying, and buying, different teas in Insadong. It’s an interesting part of Seoul because apart from the … Continue reading Spilling the tea at Insadong