Just Desserts

I’ve started a new Korean language course with Global Village in Itaewon. For now, its via zoom, twice a week, for 75 minutes or so, with many students and, along with the revision each week, it’s a manageable amount of time to spend learning Korean. Last week we studied how to construct the future tense -을/ㄹ거에요 and phrases to describe what we can do/possible to … Continue reading Just Desserts

Two Autumns

September 2020 marked a full year of our residency in South Korea. I had been looking forward to spring in Seoul and the famed cherry blossoms from February 2020 just as the pandemic hit full force in Seoul. Instead of experiencing that spring I travelled to the Southern Hemisphere late February to visit my children in New Zealand and Australia and hence went straight from … Continue reading Two Autumns