I’m Sue Mannering and I’m an Australian woman living in Seoul. This is my third international move for my husband’s work. I have three adult children, all in different cities in Australia.

I created this blog to write about my experiences in Seoul and what I’ve learnt from them. After all, living in a different country provides lots of learning. Furthermore, I’m often asked by family and friends about the top attractions in the city I live in. I hope, in time, this blog will serve as a prompt to some of the incredible places I’ve been fortunate enough to view, perhaps those who visit would like to experience those places too. In the other cities I’ve lived in, over time I developed a list of spots which, for a variety of reasons, I thought were cool to check out. I would send those to people as requested. In truth, it felt hurried for they were not accompanied by pictures or descriptions and I always wanted to say more. In Seoul, my wish is to have some fun documenting what I see and do.

I’ve written travel and general articles for magazines in Singapore, including ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) Magazine. My articles and essays about living in different countries have been published for online anthologies, magazines and some physical books including Chicken Soup for the Soul, where my story, “Dancing With a Cane on My Head”,  was chosen for the book Reboot your Life.

The Han River, sunset, early Autumn taken from the Hannam Bridge.
Aspects of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on a glorious day in Autumn, Dongdaemun.
The sensational library in a mall, COEX, Gangnam

Hiking the Seoul Wall around Dongdaemun
Spectacular Autumn hike
experiences in the mountains around Seoul, this one taken during a Bukhansan hike
Cafe culture in Seoul is fun to explore, at c.through cafe in Yongsan, each coffee is a work of art, a stand alone dessert and extremely delicious
Seoul food – yum