Some Snapshots of the Han River

The Han River is vast. Over 300 miles long. It cuts right through Seoul and viewed from the top of one of Seoul’s mountains it’s incredible. Stroll across one of Seoul’s many bridges over the Han and you’ll soon feel its immense width, over a kilometre wide in some places. To take exercise across and along the river is a must do in Seoul.

I take regular walks along the river. The walking tracks are safe and impeccably kept. Along with each season, a long meander early morning (rare for me), or any time of the day or evening will offer a different perspective. You can walk for hours in either direction and on either side of the river. It’s a great way to get some exercise and get a view of the city and the mountains. You will be amongst many locals walking, running, cycling, eating fried chicken and drinking beer, pitching tents and enjoying the sunshine, or evening lights, watching the Banpo bridge rainbow fountain and more. In summer it is absolutely heaving with people and has high energy. I am always inspired to take a photo.

My every day experiences along the river aren’t rip roaring adventures, but they are always new. One evening I was walking across the Han on the Hannam bridge with my husband as night descended. As if in a dream, I looked at the vista from the bridge and took in the dark river and the shadowy mountains. Then, a huge flock of birds flew overhead, their undersides rendered bright white by the twinkling city lights and it was all offset by a purple sky. It didn’t look real. It was too perfect.

Night walk, late winter

One early morning on the weekend in autumn, we were surprised to see the famed pink muhly grass in abundance in the park next to the walking track. We amused ourselves taking pictures of each other beside the grass as we saw locals doing the same. Well, I was amused, my husband was impatient. The results weren’t cute, rather I looked like a strange woman trying and failing to be incognito in pink grass, but I was in fits of laughter, more so at my husband’s impassive face. Still, with a bit of (rather) strong encouragement (begging) he took the photos.

Pink muhly grass along the Han River and me
A sea of pink along the river during autumn
Even dressing like the grass couldn’t hide me

Some of our family took a mid morning walk along the Han in winter last month, we walked for hours and the pink grass had turned the colour of wheat. Of course we took photos. We also took some photos from a great distance and you can see the enormous area available, just in the stretch of riverside I frequent. There is so much space for exercise and hanging out.

I made my daughter model in the grass

Considerable area by the river right near Banpo bridge

Check out some of my views of this glorious river, all of these are from Hannam bridge or after it, heading towards Banpo bridge:

Cerise sunset and river, late summer, Hannam bridge view
Late winter on a cloudy day with fantastic air quality

Sun shining on the river in late winter from Hannam bridge
Magnificent sunset, late winter, from Hannam bridge

Reflection of Namsan Tower in the river, late afternoon, late winter
The rainbow fountain viewed on approach to the Banpo bridge. The display happens several times every evening from spring to autumn.

The rainbow fountain at night viewed from the lower Banpo bridge
Reflections on a still night

I’m excited to see what spring brings! ! I’m learning that you never know what you’ll see on a walk along the Han.

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