It’s travel but not as we knew it

Our preparations for our trip to Sydney last month to see our children, our siblings our parents and friends began months ago. Initially, overseas travel was out of the question. The multiple PCR tests, the heightened risk of catching COVID, the quarantine and the expense seemed insurmountable in 2020. Then the risk of outbreaks which could rapidly lead to lockdowns within Greater Sydney and inevitably … Continue reading It’s travel but not as we knew it

Top Ten Tips for Mandatory Hotel Quarantine In Sydney, Australia

In Australia, the mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine due to the pandemic is federally mandated but it is run by the individual states and territories. Thus, each system will be slightly different. The concept is the same though, you are required upon arrival into whatever state or territory you land in, to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel that is randomly assigned to you. … Continue reading Top Ten Tips for Mandatory Hotel Quarantine In Sydney, Australia

Just Desserts

I’ve started a new Korean language course with Global Village in Itaewon. For now, its via zoom, twice a week, for 75 minutes or so, with many students and, along with the revision each week, it’s a manageable amount of time to spend learning Korean. Last week we studied how to construct the future tense -을/ㄹ거에요 and phrases to describe what we can do/possible to … Continue reading Just Desserts

Two Autumns

September 2020 marked a full year of our residency in South Korea. I had been looking forward to spring in Seoul and the famed cherry blossoms from February 2020 just as the pandemic hit full force in Seoul. Instead of experiencing that spring I travelled to the Southern Hemisphere late February to visit my children in New Zealand and Australia and hence went straight from … Continue reading Two Autumns